Welcome to Body Planet...

 Body Planet Co. was established in the year 2000. We are the exclusive agent of many companies from around the world and work in the field of Hair Care, Cosmetics & Body Care, Exercise & Fitness, Physiotherapy & Slimming and Medicinal products. We give high quality products to our customers with full before and after sales services.

 Some of the agents that we have are VUPIESSE S.R.L. ITALIA, PLUMARI, TOPPIK, HAPRO and etc.

 Our products are imported from various countries such as; Italy, America, Brazil, Argentine, Netherlands, China and etc.

 All our products are under the International Standards of uni-c@ei-@en 46001 and uni-@en-iso 9001 and this proves that they have no problems and do not produce any side effects.


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